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Lakush Consulting, one of the top leading management consulting companies is based in Swaziland and is a private own company, which provides management consulting services and management consulting careers. Lakush is a leading management and technology consulting company focused on project management.  Lakush Consulting is committed to project management delivery in a faster, smarter, and more cost effective manner.   Our vast experience in leading successful projects, has earned us a diverse and loyal clientele. Our highly experienced employees provide the depth to deploy solutions and partner with our clients to deliver World Class Results.

Since 2013, Lakush focused competencies on Project Management, Management Consulting, Training and Business Analysis, and has earned loyalty among clientele across the country with international recognition.

What differentiates Lakush Consulting is our commitment to innovation and finding ways to draw upon our vast experiences of managing hundreds of projects and programs, to bring faster, smarter, and more cost effective solutions to our clients.

As a pioneer of capacity and skills development in the African SME sector(large and Small) and Government Parastatals , Lakush Consulting primary objective is to assist African companies to become globally competitive, profitable and sustainable. Lakush seeks to achieve this mandate by providing qualified, experienced, hands-on, professional management and related services to selected private companies, commercially operated public enterprises and Governmental Agencies, with the aim of strengthening management teams while developing local management capacity.

Our ultimate goal is to leave in place sustainable locally managed businesses integrated into the international business community. Our relationships with African Government and  businesses are developed and maintained through the organisation's managers. Lakush's Managers are the crucial human representatives of the organisation and form the crucial link between Lakush's clients, Lakush stakeholders and the organisation itself. Lakush delivers two primary services within the African economy – Project designs / Management Development to initially satisfy the industry-wide demand for high quality business management & continued professional development in capacity building in Africa. We have grown to meet specific client demands, both locally and internationally.


  1. To be the leading quality training-service provider of choice.
  2. To equip the African citizens with skills to become productive, empowered and Internationally recognized.
  3. To continuously improve the quality of skills provided thereby enabling companies to meet the demands of this fast moving market 
  4. To be recognised as excellent and effective leaders in business consulting in the whole of Southern Africa, in both public and private sector enterprises.


  • To strive for the provision of world class solutions to our client’s problems through innovative, well-articulated activities/ideas and by being strategic partners of our clients.


We will always:

  • Put our client’s needs and quality of our work first;
  • Transform knowledge into value for our clients’, staff’ and communities’ benefit;
  • With full dedication, strive to conduct our business in a more integrity and independent way;
  • Recognise that our client’s needs are paramount;
  • Strive for excellence in all our dealings with our clients;
  • Be responsible corporate citizens;
  • Strive for perfection throughout the way;
  • Strive to be a company which is a truly representative of the demographics of our country


  • Lakush Consulting Company is a black economic empowerment company headed by African origin which specialises in providing effective and efficient business solutions to all types of businesses / clients.