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Lakush Consulting provides management consulting services by helping businesses solve management and operating problems while enhancing learning through consulting processes. Lakush specializes in IT Strategy, Operations and Process Excellence, to name a few.

Information technology (it) Strategy

IT Strategy is about building a New Attitude within your leadership:

• IT is NOT a Vendor, Supplier, Provider or Partner
• IT needs is a member of the leadership team and takes ownership of business results
• IT provides specific skills on how to use information to help achieve your company’s goals

Market Success is Operational Strategy and IT Levers

• Market Leadership involves Customer Intimacy, Product Innovation,and Operational Excellence
• Influencing & Executing Operational Strategies includes Complexity, Innovation, Productivity, and Quality
• Strengthen & Leveraging Information Levers are about Relationships,Structures, and Architecture

Setting IT up for success is positioning IT and the CIO's role to deliver business results that are valued by the executive team:

Leveraging additional leadership involves

• Strategy: Transformational leadership and Setting and Operationalizing - Strategy
• Organizational Design: Aligning teams and Individuals to meet desired results
• Portfolio Management: Driving priorities of business initiatives
• Program / Project Management: Delivering project and programs
• Data Strategy: Helping your company use data as a strategic asset
• Strategic Vendor Management: Selection and Service optimization
• Financial Management: Value of IT, IT Metrics, and Annual Budget
• Acquisitions: Due diligence and Transitional Leadership

operations and Process excellence - Continuous Improvement

Lakush Can Enhance Your Effectiveness

 -Lean/Six Sigma Transformation

   - Corporate Training

   - Continuous Improvement PMOs

 -Process and Technology Alignment

 -Business Process Re-Engineering 

Efficient Processes
 -Support/Office Processes
 -ERP systems and process alignment
 -Inventory Management
 -Transportation Management
 -Distribution and Warehousing
 -Quality Systems
 -Upstream Supply Base

 Benefits of Lakush Operational Excellence
  -Reduce by up to 50%:
    -Engineering  efforts
    -Product development time
    -Investment in machinery, tools and equipment
    -Human effort in the factory
    -Defects in finished product
    -Factory space for the same output
    -In-process inventories

Lakush Roles
 -Strategy and Thought Leadership
 -Operations Program and Project Management
 -Hands on Lean Six Sigma Execution
 -Business Analytics
 -Content and Approach Advisor