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Rely on talented people from Lakush Consulting when you need to augment your staff; the best performers, with the best tools, succeed. When you have a Lakush top performer leading or participating on your project, the confidence instilled results in better executed projects.

Program Manager
Our seasoned program managers bring the highest degree of business acumen and competency to manage the structure, guidance, communication and intricate interdependencies of multiple related projects that need to be managed collectively.

Project Manager
Some of the most innovative fortune companies and Government agencies across the nation depend on our staff of certified project managers to insure their top initiatives and mission critical projects are successful and delivered on-time and on-budget.
When delivery outsourcing is essential, trust Lakush’s team of project management leaders to get it done with less administration, less distraction and less money. Lakush provides affordable project-outsourcing capability that rivals the big firms’ “promise of delivery assurance.” When you need a guaranteed delivery, use Lakush for delivery outsourcing:
  • When you can’t afford the time to assemble a team from multiple contract vendors
  • When you desire resource continuity for the entire project
  • When you’re ready for a partner who will scope the project to your environment, instead of scoping your project to “their” process
  • When you can’t afford to fail, but can’t afford to pay more
  • When you need a responsive team who will assimilate quickly and leave your environment looking better than it was found.

Managing Multiples Projects

YOU manage interviews and assemble the team

YOU train and assemble team members

YOU manage productivity and accountability


Lakush Project Accountabilty

WE assemble and train the team

WE streamline resources and assimilate to your environment

WE are a partner who fits your culture, elevates your staff, and delivers results

WE leverage your team to make them better employees